Our expertise: edutainment

educate, transmit, engage

TRALALERE creates digital resources to help young people and their educators and families to question, understand the world and its new challenges, and to stimulate debate.

Edtech & impact

As a leading Edtech player and social economy company, we create engaging digital experiences for the purposes of education and raising awareness about contemporary issues.

Our missions

We support the transition to digital educational practices, at school and at home. We help young people to better question, understand, learn and debate. We encourage them, along with their educators and families, to develop greater control over their digital life.

Our services

Educating the digital natives


Design and research

We are educational designers: we put digital technology in the service of education (and not the other way around). We believe in active pedagogy and digital inclusion.

Create, innovate, produce

We create engaging experiences that can adapt to meet the needs of individual educators and their students.


We partner with a wide range of institutions and associations, who help us to get a close-up view of what is needed in the field, and to distribute our resources where they can be of use.

Train youth and educational mediators

We train committed citizens who understand the world and its new challenges, enjoy working together, and continually develop their critical thinking skills.

Distribute on a large scale

Our resources are disseminated via education and general public networks. We scale up proven educational practices.


We measure the impact (quantitative and qualitative) of our outreach and education programs… and this helps us to steer.


TRALALERE provides young people and their mediators (teachers, educators, families) with engaging and inclusive resources. TRALALERE mobilizes research and innovation and supports you in carrying out large-scale educational projects.
A joyful mix of digital enthusiasts and idea seekers who contribute to the evolution of educational practices using digital technology, and help children (from 7 to 77 years old) to become engaged and fulfilled, to understand the world and its new challenges, and to develop their critical thinking. Proactive and experienced in national- and European-level projects, TRALALERE has established a rigorous working methodology to conduct projects on an international scale.
TRALALERE is an established provider of EdTech, and is aimed at both young people and the adults who support them. Its resources are widely used at home, at school and in popular education settings. TRALALERE works in collaboration with experts from research and educational fields, co-designing pedagogical experiences (e.g. Ux, Ui, Edito, pedagogical progression) to ensure the relevance of the content. TRALALERE partners with a range of institutions and associations involved in formal and informal education (including the French Ministry of Education, Ligue de l’enseignement, Cemea, Francas, and more). This gives us a close-up view of what is needed in the field, and allows us to contribute to education policies and the roll-out of these policies to young people. These partnerships give us access to validated structures during the research phase, as well as the design and dissemination of digital courses.
An in-house design studio, backed by external specialists, including professors and research teams in the field of didactics. A proven methodology: co-design workshops, expert committees, youth panels… an iterative design process using feedback from the field to guide improvement.
“Change the look” award from CCAH 2019, Handitech Education & Family award 2020, finalist at MIT Solve 2021, EHS award from the Crédit Coopératif Foundation, award for the best Digital Learning resource 2020 Open Education, prize for educational innovation in Canada (teluq) 2020, “Numérique Inclusif, Numérique Educatif” prizewinner, double award (seal and medal) Comenius-EduMedia 2022 for exemplary educational media (Institut für Bildung und Medien, Germany), finalist Gesa France 2022…
Initially developed for internal projects, TRALALERE now provides its partners with an online platform, composed of an LMS solution and digital activities for education.
TRALALERE, which reaches more than 250,000 young people per year, more than 70,000 families and 50,000 teachers, has initiated a quantitative and qualitative approach to impact measurement. TRALALERE has partnered with Prometheus (a collaborative association including the Ministry of Education, research laboratories, institutions and startups) to create a “data space” for education, where we lead research on impact measurement applied to education.

Some numbers

With over 100 digital educational resources, from school to home…
years of experience in digital education
employees, passionate and committed
educational partners
1 K+
young people supported per year

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TRALALERE allows companies, associations, and organizations to address young people and their educational mediators (teachers, educators, families) on a range of themes.

You too can benefit from our expertise to collaboratively build and disseminate educational digital experiences.