Developed by and for teachers, these original resources follow official school programs and enable teachers to lead inspiring and exciting classes using our LMS platform and original tools.

Pack parentalité numérique

DIGITAL PARENTING PACK is an online platform to help families set up a framework for screen use at home

Based on an understanding of each family’s structure and digital practices, FamiNum recommends, personalized and customizable tips, ready to print and display at home, to help parents set up good screen use practices for the whole family, with:

  • the platform, personalized advice, and a family ‘digital charter’ tool,
  • 5 videos,
  • FaminiNum tool kits.
Tralalere has developed these resources as part of its national Internet Without Fear program, operated on behalf of the European Commission.
Pack non au harcelement


Nearly one in 10 children are bullied every year at school, often as early as primary school.

Anticipating and raising awareness among children has proven to be an effective way to prevent bullying and cyber-violence.
Our pack offers turnkey resources for teachers and youth workers:

  • educational courses for Years 4 to 10,
  • educational activities from Year 2 to Year 7,
  • a serious game, Stop the Violence, for middle and high school students with three captivating investigations,
  • a self-training course for educational teams,
  • a workshop kit for parents.

Tralalere has developed these resources as part of its national Internet Without Fear program, operated on behalf of the European Commission.


Media and Information Literacy (MIL) PACK

More than 4 billion pieces of content, shared every day on social networks, indiscriminately mix information with fake news, hate speech and shock content.

To develop critical thinking, the MIL pack provides educators with turnkey resources to teach young people how to question and put information into perspective:

  • digital pathways for all stages (from primary to secondary school), including fun, interactive Infohunter workshops,
  • a self-training course to raise awareness among educational teams,
  • a parents’ kit to for discussion within the family.

Tralalere has developed these resources as part of its national Internet Without Fear program, operated on behalf of the European Commission.



The artificial intelligence of MathIA, a virtual teaching assistant for differentiated instruction differentiation in mathematics.

In addition to the adaptive learning system, the voice AI allows students to perform many hundreds of oral and written activities.

This application can be used for:

  • steering individual or group activities, both written and oral,
  • monitoring students’ progress,
  • offering around 1,000 different exercises, covering arithmetic, magnitude and measurement, and geometry,
  • making personalized recommendations according to the types of errors detected.

EDULABO – Research, Get Out, Observe, Experiment, Share

The design of EDULABO was guided by the principle of ‘education through research’.

Combining digital tools and a scientific approach rooted in the natural environment, EDULABO invites students to take on the role of a 21st century apprentice researcher, to tackle the great questions of their generation: 

  • complete educational sequences in line with school programs,
  • turnkey courses,
  • a rich media library of granular content,
  • innovative digital tools.


Why do human beings control the world? How do they cooperate? What is our impact on the environment?

These are just some of the questions that students aged 9 to 12 will explore through the two investigations offered in the escape game Unstoppable Us, an interactive experience for the whole class.

As apprentice researchers, equipped with a logbook, students conduct the investigation collaboratively, learning about the scientific process in order to understand the history of mankind and to tackle global issues.

An experience co-produced with Yuval Noah Harari, the author of Sapiens, to accompany his new children’s book, Sapiens, Unstoppable Us!



BEFLUENT is an edutainment application for learning English or Spanish from Year 2 to Year 7.

Designed for all teachers, it does not require in-depth language knowledge.

Based on listening and oral communication, it also helps to develop writing skills.

In class, in groups or for individuals, Befluent offers:

  • turnkey courses (settings, situations and dialogues between authentic speakers),
  • granularized activities
  • complete teaching sequences to coincide with the terms of the school year.

Tralalere is working with research laboratories to enrich BeFluent with artificial voice intelligence – coming soon.



A 360° exploration of the technology behind young people’s digital habits: careers, IT culture (cloud, big data, AI…), and an introduction to databases and programming. Designed for all teachers, it requires no pre-existing technical knowledge.

The courses and activities encourage engagement through a range of pedagogical methods, and by being anchored in the student’s reality:

  • programming their own video game,
  • pixel art,
  • challenges using video game codes,
  • audiovisual supports,
  • gesture-based manipulation of on-screen objects,
  • content that is relevant to young people’s daily lives.

Each resource is accompanied by information sheets for teachers, providing advice on how to use the resources, ideas for supplementary activities, background information, etc.

Tralalere has developed Citizen Code as part of Internet Without Fear, its awareness program operated on behalf of the European Commission.



Dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum disorder, disability, allophonia… Inclusive helps teachers to find their way around special educational needs and to raise awareness among their peers, without the need for neuropsych training.
A compass guides you through the richest platform of educational resources, support, and awareness, with:

  • educational resources for an all-inclusive classroom, adapted to students with special needs, and relevant to all: French (including FLE); maths; awareness; social, emotional, and behavioural skills (e.g., empathy, understanding social and school environments),
  • the Tralalere LMS platform: to launch your sessions in a few clicks, assign lessons to your students individually, and track their progress,
  • advice from highly qualified subject-matter experts on all relevant topics.

Varied and adaptable teaching methods (games, audiovisuals, workshops, courses) to engage and cater for all students in the class, regardless of ability. Inclusive resources have been developed with committees of experts, research laboratories and field actors.